Secluded Grove is... Vikings

Fay's Norwegian heritage alone makes our interest in vikings obvious. The viking founding of Dublin is my historical tie to the vikings. What the attraction is to the culture of the vikings I don't really know. Perhaps it has something to do with the physical, violent time, which is quite unlike my everyday life. Perhaps it is the idea of the adventure of it all, travelling leagues to raid and plunder, or to try and settle a new land. But, given the number of web sites devoted to vikings, I know that we are not alone in our fascination with the culture.

We have a small 12x12 out building on our property. We have talked about replacing the building with something a little nicer. Originally I had thought of building some kind of keep or similar mideavil structure. But, lately Fay and I have talked about perhaps building something reminicent of a viking long-house. There is a wonderful section on the NOVA web site showing a model viking village that will no doubt supply inspiration.

My current Dahon based role-playing game is based in Släal, a viking-like society in the northern reaches of Dahon. Fay has help tremendously in the game, supplying folk tales, lore, and suggestions of viking ways. I have also used on-line sources, such as The Vikings, a Dark Age re-enactment society based in the Uk (although it seems to me such a society should be based in Norway), and the viking website at the BBC.

Our latest gaming session was catered by Luke and involved food that was either authentic to the times or made from ingredients readily available to the viking people. While I appreciated the roast suckling pig, I am not sure the barley and cream porriage is my favourite breakfast meal.