Key Qualifications

Technical Lead

Understands and can implement the requirements of the product manager or development team customer

Exceptional ability to design extensible software architectures that meet project requirements and are easy for other developers to work with and adapt

Ability to segment a large project into small deliverables in order to deliver higher quality functionality to the customer faster

Thrives on developing efficient and easy-to-use software

Team Lead

Encourages and motivates a team to reach its full potential

Track record of delivering functional software on time

Successful Agile/Extreme Programming (XP) coach


Excellent object-oriented design and coding skills

Sees past the implementation language to understand the underlying principles of software development

Excellent framework design skills, balancing the needs of the current project with keeping the framework general enough to ensure future use

Ability to deliver working, quality code with short development cycles

Expansive Skills Set

Skilled at explaining technology to both technical and non-technical people

Strong Web services skills

Versatile software developer who embraces learning new languages and skills

Skilled at all levels of coding, from device drivers to user interfaces

Wide breadth of computer languages, from C++ to Perl to JavaScript

Strong knowledge of Linux and Windows



Singlehandedly designed, built, and implemented the architecture of Recognia’s financial analytic Web service


Dramatically improved product delivery times, reduced errors, and reduced testing time by leading the use of XP at Recognia. Testing time dropped from 40 person days to 4 through the use of test-driven development; the number of bugs was also reduced by a similar ratio


Led the team that designed and built an integrated learning system architecture for Autoskill’s Academy of Reading


Teaching dyslexic and illiterate people how to read through Autoskill’s Academy of Reading


Developed a version of COM, Microsoft’s Component Object Model, a full year before it was released by Microsoft


Senior Developer
June 2006 to May 2011
SKILLS: agile coach, Apache, framework design, Bugzilla, CVS, database design, Git, GitHub, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, kanban, Linux, mod_perl, n-tier, perl, Postgres, ReST, RSS, Solr, SQL, SVN, Trac, Web interface, Web services, Webhooks

Helped design an Agile methodology for Socialtext resulting in stability in development and predictable releases. Built many of the in-house tools used to track iterations. Led development team as Agile coach, filling in for VPE when she was absent. Acted as story customer for technical stories. Supported senior sales executives in closing some of the largest deals in the company's history; handled all technical due diligence support for prospects, handled all architecture, security, and customization discussions with CIOs, CTOs, architects, IT security, and others.

Chief Architect
Recognia Inc.
September 2000 to present
SKILLS: Apache, framework design, Bugzilla, CSI data feed, CVS, database design, DB2, Delphi, FOP, Kylix, Linux, Mason, mentoring, mod_perl, MySql, n-tier, perl, PHP, RSS, SQL, TWiki, web interface, web services, XP, XML, XSL:FO, XSLT

Designed Recognia’s technical analysis Web service, taking it from a loosely articulated concept to release. Set the development methodology (XP), coding standards, and technical architecture for the company. Wrote the underlying frameworks (both the Web services API and the internal class library) that the hosted website and Web services are built on. Built and led a strong Agile Development team.

Unicorn Software
December 1989 to September 2000
SKILLS: BASIC, C, C++, C++Builder, CodeBase, COM, Crystal Reports, Database design, Delphi, Firebird, Interface design, Linux, Macromedia Director, Mentoring, Metastock API, Paradox, Pascal, SQL, Shockwave, Starview, VBA, X86 Assembler

My company’s focus was custom software development, in particular writing software that emphasizes ease of use. Designed, developed, and implemented a multi-user inventory management program targeted at small businesses dealing with multiple suppliers. The product achieved its ease of use by hiding the details of inventory management theory from the end user.

Consulting clients include:

Arnprior Mini Storage: Developed software to track unit rentals in company’s self-storage business. Database resides on a Linux box on the Internet; the Windows-based client software can access the database from any Internet connection.

Binomial International: Ported Binomial’s disaster recovery software, Phoenix, from Windows 3.1 to Win32 implementing a new user interface. The core of Phoenix is an expert system that extracts relevant information from a large document, populates fields in the document with information from a database, and generates a custom disaster recovery plan for the user.

Autoskill International: Resumed development on AutoSkill’s literacy instruction program, The Academy of Reading. Mentored junior programmers on C++ and OOP. Developed prototype for an Internet-based version of the Academy. The prototype uses an SQL server for its backend, and Director and Shockwave to deliver content. Researched various technologies for Internet implementation of the Academy.

Bergener Research Inc.: Converted Bergener Research’s Lambda III program from DOS to Win32. This involved implementing a Windows UI for a DOS program while retaining the speed of use of the DOS program. Lambda III displays spectrum analysis data obtained from gas chromatagraphs.

TruLogic Systems Inc.: Developed a set of APIs (Pascal, C, assembler, BASIC) to interface with TruLogic’s data acquisition boards. The assembler API was capable of reading 300,000+ samples/second from the data acquisition boards inside a 80386. Developed software to control a printed circuit board tester using these APIs.

Pricedex Inc.
May 1996 to May 1997
SKILLS: 4D, database design, Delphi, interface design, Macintosh, Newton, Newtonscript

Developed Newton software to track sales activity in both the pharmaceutical and publishing industries. The software synchronizes sales activities with a remote, central database.

Technical Architect
Autoskill International Inc.
August 1992 to May 1996
SKILLS: C, C++, interface design, multimedia, SourceSafe, Starview

Led the team that designed and developed The Academy of Reading, a Windows version of AutoSkill’s literacy educational program. The Academy was designed to be an Integrated Learning System. Interface design was a challenge since the users of the software cannot read and are generally not computer literate. The Academy was developed for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Technical Solutions unLimited (TSL)
April 1990 to December 1990
SKILLS: X86 Assembler, BASIC, C, Pascal

Worked on TSL’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), developing drivers for new data acquisition hardware and implementing a new billing system. The LIMS automates sample prep, data acquisition, data analysis, sample tracking, and client invoicing. Began implementing and integrating statistical process control procedures into the LIMS in order to catch instrument calibration issues before they become significant.

Department of Forestry, Government of Canada
April 1989 to April 1990
SKILLS: C, FORTRAN, modeling, Pascal

Developed user-friendly front ends for configuring and reviewing the results from various forest modeling programs. The models were developed in FORTRAN and had inputs and outputs that only a FORTRAN programmer could love.


Bachelor of Mathematics
Univerity of Waterloo, Ontario

Awarded a Bachelor of Mathematics degree, majoring in Statistics with minors in Computer Science and Economics. Two of four co-op reports were graded Outstanding and nominated for a faculty co-op award.

Skills Summary


Agile development, architecture, database design, database tuning, Extreme Programming, framework design, interface design, kanban, mentoring, object-oriented design, object-oriented development, team lead, test-driven development, Web services, Agile/XP coach


Apache, Bugzilla, CodeBase, CLX, COM, Crystal Reports, CSI Data Feed, CVS, DB2, FOP, Git, GitHub, Interbase/Firebird, JQuery, JSON, Linux, Mediawiki, MetaStock API, mod_perl, MySQL, OWL, Paradox, Postgres, RSS, SourceSafe, StarView, SVN, TWiki, VBA, VCL, Webhooks, Windows API, XML, XSL:FO; passing familiarity with 4D, Eclipse, nginx, Selinium, Solr


x86 Assembler, BASIC, C, C++, C++Builder, Delphi, FORTRAN, JavaScript, Kylix, Macromedia Director, Mason, NewtonScript, ObjectPAL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Shockwave, SQL, XSLT; passing familiarity with APL, Java, Python, Ruby, SmallTalk