Secluded Grove is... Design

As lovely as Secluded Grove is, there are some drawbacks to rural living. One of these, and the major one for Shawn, is the lack of good high speed Internet access. Until recently a modem connection was all that we could manage. But, thanks to Shawn's new job we have a two-way satellite connection via Galaxy Broadband. It's not perfect, the lag because of the satellite dish is annoying at times. Web pages with many small files (such as graphic menu items) can take a long time to download. In addition, any form of VOIP (such as Skype or Gizmo) suffers from lag problems. But, all in all, it is a far better thing than a dialup connection.

Having a modem connection brought into sharp relief the load times for web pages. It seems that most web-site designs these days assume everyone has a high speed connection. It was not uncommon for us to have to wait for five minutes or more for a web page to fully load.

The Secluded Grove web site was designed to be attactive (hopefully) and yet load fairly quickly, even for modem users. Extensive use of CSS, and minimal use of graphics, was a key goal of the design. We hope we succeeded on both counts.

Many thanks to Eric Meyer for his excellent books on CSS that helped in the development of this web site.